Chef Vikram Garg

What makes life special? To me, it’s the fleeting micro-moments that happen as we are going about our day-to-day lives. It is a combination of scents in the air, tastes on the tongue, laughter mingled with music and being surrounded by loved ones and close friends. These are moments that make me stop and savor.

These are the authentic moments that inspire the restaurants, food and experiences which I create. They are escapes yet they are every day. They are designed to evoke feelings and to bring people together.

Hawai’i is unlike any other place in the world. Its spirit, its environment and its legacy are all defining reasons why I call Hawai’i home. And in this restaurant, I hope to share this unique magic with everyone – nourishing their bodies as well as their souls.

Lotus Honolulu Hotel Chef Vikram Garg